Lovera Collections humbly started with a couple’s fascination in unique and pretty plates which urged them to launch the Lovera Collections. They managed to capture the niche in bringing imported and artistically-designed plates that are not easily available in Singapore at competitive prices. What started out as a hobby grew into a business to bring in a wide variety of tableware in an eclectic assortment of interesting designs that are safe for food consumption use.

We believe that beautiful tableware plays a big role in the dining experience of a person (or even a family) and it accentuates the gastronomic experience as well as speak volumes of each homeowners' pride & appreciation in home styling, exuding each's personality through taste & characteristic. With a good eye for design, Lovera Collections gives everyone the option of spicing up their homes with a touch of elegance, a splash of colour, and beautiful quirky prints with their huge range of tableware at the same time offering a vast range of pricing fit for every individual's budget.

Lovera Collections also strongly believes in ethical trading by:

  • only directly importing products from manufacturers that are certified to produce tableware that is safe & appropriate for food consumption use
  • making efforts to take environmentally-friendly measures like minimising the usage of plastic & one time use packaging as well as reusing & recycling materials for packing orders for shipping without comprising on the safety of our fragile products.

The Lovera Team

The name ‘Lovera’ is an interplay between two names of our founders namely,
Louis and Vera, the couple behind it all


A tableware hoarder herself, Vera loves to assist customers to mix & match dinnerware and provide recommendations depending on each's personal needs. However this can only be done when you visit our Showroom, request for an appointment to drop by, it would be worth your trip!

She is also the photographer of all the lovely photos on our social media platforms and the person who selects & decides on the next collection to bring into Lovera Collections!

She loves & strongly believes in making small efforts for big change when it comes to being environmentally-friendly, if you have ideas on how we can package our products with materials that are eco-friendly, feel free to chat her up!


The man with the plan – he is in charge of handling all the logistical issues and communicating with our suppliers. We are proud to have him organize the behind-the- scenes end of things, because he makes sure that all our products arrive in good condition and that our store is always stocked with shipments to give the widest choices available, every time you shop!

He is the practical and down-to-earth half of Lovera Collections who keeps things organized and grounded at work!


He is our new member in Lovera Collections' family. He is the person in charge of listing products on our various online platforms (yes, we are also on Carousell, Shopee, Lazada, Q10 & Zilingo), as well as the showroom assistance when Vera & Louis are out for business meetings & errands. JP is new and is still learning the ropes but he is a great conversationalist! He ocassionally helps with inquiries as well as quality checks too.