Awasaka Japan Blue & Yellow Floral Tea & Dinnerware Collection


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Country of Manufacture: Japan

Material: High Quality Fine Porcelain
Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

Only teacup & teapot are packed in individual box, all other products are packed in box of 4 or 5 by Awasaka. For gifting, please purchase 4 piece set (and above) for same product if you would like us to pack your purchase in their box. Otherwise box can be purchased here, but please note that we will not sell Awasaka box if your purchase does not have Awasaka product.

Condiments Dish 0.09kg | 12.5cm diameter 1cm height
Dessert Plate 0.16kg | 15.5cm diameter 2.5cm height
Salad Plate 0.31kg | 19.5cm diameter 3cm height
Dinner Plate 0.52kg | 24.5cm diameter 3cm height
Pasta Dish 0.46kg | 22.5cm diameter 4cm height
Dessert Bowl 0.15kg | 13.5cm diameter 4cm height
Soup Bowl 0.26kg | 16cm diameter 6.5cm height
Teacup & Saucer 0.30kg | 8.5cm diameter 6.5cm height (teacup), 15.5cm diameter 2.5cm height (saucer)
Teapot 0.48kg | 12cm diameter (20cm with handle and sprout) 12cm height

1x Set of 3 consists of: 1x Dessert Plate, 1x Salad Plate & 1x Dinner Plate
1x Set of 4 consists of: 1x Set of 3 + 1x Condiments Dish
Set of 3 Bowls/Dishes consists of: 1x Dessert Bowl, 1x Soup Bowl & 1x Pasta Dish
16 Piece Set consists of: 4x Dessert Plates, 4x Salad Plates, 2x Dinner Plates, 2x Pasta Dishes, 2x Dessert Bowls & 2x Soup Bowls
Tea Set consists of: 1x Teapot & 4x Teacups & Saucers.
Teapot is only available in these 2 designs: Blue & White Polka Dots Teapot & Green Poppy Teapot.


Lovera Collections carries the required licenses for importation & sales of tableware products, all products regardless of country made are safe for food use.

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