Parisienne Shiny Gold / Silver / Bronze Ion Plated Stainless Steel SS304 Cutlery Collection




Spruce up your dining experience with these classy design cutlery made of SS304 stainless steel with gold / bronze ion plating that is made to last!

Country of Manufacture: South Korea

Dishwasher Safe
Material: SS304 Stainless Steel 
We recommend hand wash with soft sponge & soapy water to maintain the beautiful gold finish of the cutlery.

Teaspoon 0.05kg | 14.5cm length
Main Spoon 0.1kg | 19.5cm length
Main Fork 0.08kg | 20cm length
Main Knife 0.09kg | 22.5cm length
Chopsticks 0.08kg | 23cm length

1x Set of 4 consists of: 1x Teaspoon, 1x Spoon, 1x Fork & 1x Knife
4x Set of 4 consists of: 4x Teaspoons, 4x Spoons, 4x Forks & 4x Knives  
6x Set of 4 consists of: 6x Teaspoons, 6x Spoons, 6x Forks & 6x Knives  

1x Set of 5 consists of: 1x Teaspoon, 1x Spoon, 1x Fork,1x Knife & 1 Pair of Chopsticks
4x Set of 5 consists of: 4x Teaspoons, 4x Spoons, 4x Forks, 4x Knives  & 4 Pairs of Chopsticks
6x Set of 5 consists of: 6x Teaspoons, 6x Spoons, 6x Forks, 6x Knives  & 6 Pairs of Chopsticks

Lovera Collections carries the license for importation & sales of tableware products, all products regardless of country made are safe for food use.

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